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Mac Music Video Marketing And Band Promotion Tactics

December 22, 2017 Leave a comment

the-foshays-logoI’ve got a buddy in the music biz and have been trying to help his band get some online and social media traction after the debut of The Foshays first music video single release.

It’s been a real SEO challenge given how insanely competitive the music industry is in general — and how many untold umpteen million bands are out there slugging it out for any kind of notoriety or attention with their music marketing strategies.

Some of the SEO and social marketing tactics involved really narrowing down The Foshays Minneapolis rock band locality to target localized keyword searches, leveraging ‘cartoon / comic’ and ‘virtual band’ search terms. They are an illustrated, comics-based virtual rock group, and keying in on the specific visual style of animation used in their debut release ‘Til It’s Gone and The Foshays upcoming 2D motion graphics style track and video ‘All The Leaves’. (Created in Adobe After Effects on MacOS, BTW.)

Because a series of single-pane visual comics are also part of the social media marketing assets. Visual sites for The Foshays like Pinterest or Instagram may be more effective than even the virtual rock band’s presence on Twitter and FaceBook.

For organic search, The Foshays ( have a keyword challenge competing with The Foshay tower – a historic building in downtown Minneapolis. Until THE FOSHAYS as a known type-in brand are a common search term, Google and Bing still presume the hotel/tower is part of search intent.


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