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NLP Automated Content Writer Tool – Articoolo

August 19, 2016

write-commentThe tedium of  writing blog posts leaves me want a computer to carry out the grueling aspects of writing for me. I think I found a partner to obtain the words promptly and allow me to do what humans do fastest: Editing stuff.

Glad I stumbled on www.articoolo.com – an automated online blog post writing app that cranks out unique web content in 3 minutes or less. It lets me spend my time largely proofreading and not spend hours on writing paragraph after paragraph.

Simple How To Auto Generate An Instant Article

Articoolo’s web based article creator leverages AI – Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation formulas to create a write-up around 450-500 words in no more than a couple of minutes. You merely type in a thematic key word phrase, then Articoolo examines its online database for related information then puts together the article. In the 2nd level of processing; spellcheck, grammar and plagiarism analyses are performed to guarantee (usually) 100% distinct content. If it falls short, it will notify you that

Article Previews – Before You Opt To Buy

After being finished, your article is showcased in a blurred sneak peek with just a few of the sentences rendered plainly for visual review. Based on these fragments, one can get usually a reasonable sense of the essay’s quality and tone. If the sentences don’t read very well,  you can simply generate a fresh article based on either adjusted or the same terms and give it another shot. You might then end up with a preview that seems to be just what you’re after, so click ‘Buy’ and it’s all set to use.

Articles Far Cheaper Than Outsourcing

It doesn’t cost anything to have Articoolo’s web content generator to build an instant article. You can create as many as you desire; credits are deducted only if you choose to buy the content. The saved article is then shown fully as normal text and fully readable. You may then printed it, save the data to your computer system, or email it to a coworker, directly from within Articoolo’s user interface. You can purchase packages with a preset number of credits or choose an ongoing monthly membership. The most an article costs is $2, or as low as 50 cents with a regular monthly subscription.

Request Articles Using Any Internet Device

Being a cloud based SaaS program, anyone can access Articoolo’s writing abilities from any internet-connected laptop or desktop computer, or even a hand held tablet or smart phone. There’s even a plug-in available for WordPress so that webmaster’s can get and publish content easily right from inside their WordPress dashboard.

Articoolo’s Style Of Writing

Articoolo’s robotic written articles often tend to be somewhat general introductions of any given topic, not university dissertations. It’s style of writing is mostly geared to How-To’s, What-Is, and Learn-The-Basics sorts of content. And that’s alright: As you review the rough draft that Articoolo has produced, you will be editing in the process correcting the occasional peculiarities in the computer generated sentence structure and ideally incorporating additional content along with your thoughts and perspective. It typically only takes about three minutes for Articoolo to computer generate an article and it merely takes about three minutes to fine-tune the content so that it’s optimal for posting as a web page or a post.

Experience Automatic Article Creation Today

Intrigued by the convenient prospect of what Articoolo can do for your online digital online content creation needs?  Log into the Articoolo web site and test-drive generating and previewing a number of articles on your own. You will be amazed at how far Natural Language Processing – NLP for computer written content has evolved.

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