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Video Marketing : Mac-Style

It’s never too late to begin using your Macintosh computer to pursue a video marketing strategy – even if you’re late to the game. I’ve had a YouTube channel for years that I didn’t start to leverage until recently.

Using a new SaaS cloud-based video creation app – VidioDek – and my Mac’s web browser, I’ve been trying my hand at quickly creating explainer videos with narration and background music.

It let me build them with just a few clicks from a few short paragraphs of text, but choosing the page templates, formatting the content correctly, recording my own voice narration (instead of using the text-to-speech robot voice), and publishing properly to YouTube was far more involved than the sales page implied it would be.

Above, a video MacSEOTips created on content writing and article distribution tools for OSX webmasters is the theme. Since Mac article marketing is a very low-competition niche, I expect this video should easily rank on Page 1 – and displace a competitor by occupying one of the slots in the top-10 SERP results.

Although more formal, personal, face to face videos are usually better for your business and building a community. These kind of vids are a quick and easy way to test and see if you CAN get the video to rank – and then decide if a more polished and personal video is warranted.

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