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RapidWeaver 5 For Mac : E-Z Website Creation

I’ve long been a fan of RapidWeaver for deploying websites on Mac OSX.

RapidWeaver 5 – now at version 5.1.1 – knocks out most of the show-stopping bugs that torment any major software release. It’s been quite well-behaved. Enough so that I’ve opened and upgraded all my sites to the new v5 format without a hitch. So at this point I can heartily recommend upgrading – or exploring a free Trial version of RW (Direct Download Link) if you’re new to website design software for Mac.

Most welcomed are some fresh, new RapidWeaver Themes. It’s the rich, extensive collection of 3rd-party themes in particular that sets Rapidweaver apart from it’s nearest competitors like Sandvox and Freeway. Sadly, all of the earlier bundled themes are there – none of which seem to have been fixed, improved, expanded or updated in years. And that’s really sad because some of RW’s early themes just lack the options and flexibility that more modern themes have.

I’ll be exploring some responsive, commercial 3rd-party RapidWeaver themes that are more mobile friendly. Frankly the “Free” Themes I tried have all been seriously lacking in either aesthetic or control – testament to ‘You (don’t) get what you (don’t) pay for’.  At often $15-25 a pop, quality themes don’t come cheap.

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