Mac Music Video Marketing And Band Promotion Tactics

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the-foshays-logoI’ve got a buddy in the music biz and have been trying to help his band get some online and social media traction after the debut of The Foshays first music video single release.

It’s been a real SEO challenge given how insanely competitive the music industry is in general — and how many untold umpteen million bands are out there slugging it out for any kind of notoriety or attention with their music marketing strategies.

Some of the SEO and social marketing tactics involved really narrowing down The Foshays Minneapolis rock band locality to target localized keyword searches, leveraging ‘cartoon / comic’ and ‘virtual band’ search terms. They are an illustrated, comics-based virtual rock group, and keying in on the specific visual style of animation used in their debut release ‘Til It’s Gone and The Foshays upcoming 2D motion graphics style track and video ‘All The Leaves’. (Created in Adobe After Effects on MacOS, BTW.)

Because a series of single-pane visual comics are also part of the social media marketing assets. Visual sites for The Foshays like Pinterest or Instagram may be more effective than even the virtual rock band’s presence on Twitter and FaceBook.

For organic search, The Foshays ( have a keyword challenge competing with The Foshay tower – a historic building in downtown Minneapolis. Until THE FOSHAYS as a known type-in brand are a common search term, Google and Bing still presume the hotel/tower is part of search intent.


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Rapid Automatic Article Creator – Articoolo

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Mac Compatible Instant Automated Content Writer

Wish you had a strategy to alleviate the misery of writing or using outsourcing for blog writing jobs? Articoolo is a highly developed computer generated / algorithmic content (AGC) – (CGC) app that constructs exceptional, proofread, top quality crafted articles in about 2 minutes. 

Try Articoolo’s instant blog post authoring program which can deliver well- written web content in only minutes minimizing costs and wait times. By mimicking a humanistic writer, short articles of as many as five hundred words are able to be generated from a singular topical keyword phrase.

Making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) formulas, Articoolo is expert at gathering appropriate content, rephrasing it, and arranging it into distinct paragraphs. In a 2nd step of processing, it evaluates and rectifies the article’s grammar and punctuation and spelling, then takes care of a CopyScape audit just before finalizing the file.

When its complete, you are provided a blurred-out preview which shows some of the sentences clearly (generally one each paragraph) so that one can assess the quality and quality of the article before you decide to purchase it. You only pay if and when you make the decision to buy the document. It’s then that the full content of the article is revealed. One can then save the document to disk, print it out or email it to a colleague.

Articoolo is an agnostic SaaS – Software as a Service cloud app accessible from any internet connected computer platform. You’re free to use Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, or Android and is functional via any website browser you like.

An Articoolo plugin for WordPress is also available that allows web masters to have access to the article producing tool and effortlessly produce and publish relevant articles to their website or blog, straight from their WordPress control panel.

My Assessment: For many of my article content production requirements, Articoolo has proven to be a blessing. It’s particularly useful for adding in additional, topical and relevant paragraphs to what would otherwise be Thin Content affiliate product webpages.

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Robot Article Creator With Automatic WordPress Post Features : Article Forge

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Weary of tiresome article writing and also blog posting chores? Article Forge is an automatic article writer that is built to do more than just automate your SEO content development – it can totally automate the majority of your publishing and also web link structure initiatives as well. Article Forge features easy organizing alternatives and the ability to immediately upload to your WordPress sites. Integrated with a powerful API this enables you to have your entire SEO Empire set to run totally immediately.

Along with immediately composing top quality solitary articles, Article Forge also sustains Tier 1 and also Tier 2 material writing choices with nested spintax that could be made use of across numerous sites. Whether you are aiming to develop one high quality article, or numerous Tier 2 articles, Article Forge will have the ability to generate totally readable as well as unique material for you.

Exactly how Article Forge Automatically Generates Unique Content
Article Forge uses extremely innovative deep understanding Artificial Intelligence algorithms to instantly write articles similarly that a human does. These deep AI and NLP Natural Language algorithms allow Article Forge to investigate any type of subject, precisely like a human does. Since Article Forge utilizes Natural Language Generation algorithms to write like a human, it does not need you to do any kind of hand-operated content scraping. This implies no bothering with proxies, complicated settings, or programs. All you need to do is offer a topical key phrase, click a single switch and Article Forge provides you back an article. Bear in mind, Article Forge is the only tool that uses this deep knowing, and also is the only device that will in fact write articles for you.

Article Forge checks out numerous articles, learning every little thing it should know to ensure that it can write about any topic in its very own words. This indicates that Article Forge is one of the few SEO content devices ever before launched capable of automatically writing algorithmically excellent quality articles. Article Forge is not a common web content electrical generator that merely scrapes the internet as well as mashes sentences with each other. Article Forge writes each sentence in its very own words, suggesting that Article Forge is able to entirely pass Copyscape. This indicates you never have to stress over Article Forge returning replicate web content.

Various other online article generator services like Articoolo scrape an existing article and reword it to 100% originality. As such, Articoolo has the tendency to develop better money-site content considering that the sensible flow of the original is protected. Article Forge content might be one-of-a-kind, however it’s ‘paragraphs’ go to most ideal, freely relevant thematic material. It actually doesn’t compose natural paragraphs or a general article that typically has an intro, text material and a verdict or phone call to activity at the end. As such, Articoolo supplies material better-suited for money websites, Article Forge for tiered link structure web content.

Key Features Of Article Forge’s Article Writing Tool
• Article Forge investigates and writes articles like a human does
• This innovation enables Article Forge to immediately compose premium quality content
• Generated content is excellent for top quality filler content and also link building content
• Article Forge writes each sentence in its very own words
• No proxies, scratching, or programming expertise is required
• Just enter any key phrase and also Article Forge will immediately write an excellent quality distinct article concerning it
• Your web content comes back completely distinct with no modifying needed
• This implies Article Forge can really produce unique content in one click
• Article Forge could produce Tier 1 and also Tier 2 web content
• Built in sentence and also paragraph rotating offers you even more variations
• Integrates directly with WordAi article spinner for when you require much more uniqueness

Article Forge is not just an article writer, it takes control of every part of material generation and also posting. Article Forge will instantly add appropriate titles, video clips, and photos to every article it composes. Additionally, Article Forge will certainly include any kind of web links and also anchor text you desire instantly, suggesting you can establish a completely automated associate autoblog.

Key Features Of Article Forge’s Automated Publishing Tool
• Automatically post articles to your blog sites and also PBNs
• Posts articles to both self-hosted WordPress blog PBN’s and complimentary sites
• Easy API integration allows you to utilize Article Forge with your favored devices
• Article Forge lets you put your SEO efforts on autopilot

Article Forge will completely reinvent exactly how you generate, make use of as well as publish material. There is absolutely no danger to explore Article Forge on your own. Along with their totally run the risk of cost-free 5 day totally free trial, there is also a no strings affixed 30 day refund guarantee. If you utilize Article Forge to produce less compared to 10 articles as well as discover that it doesn’t live up to your expectation for any type of reason just call them and also they’ll provide you a no hassle refund, no doubt asked.

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DIY Methods Of Press Release Syndication And PR Generation

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newspaper_1The staff of MacSEOTips LLC are utterly avid about the significant benefits of leveraging news release submission. We love press releases – in addition to other marketing techniques to garner customer interest and increase web traffic to your business site. One can easily execute a complete and efficient PR approach yourself using the very popular advised LivePR Submission online app to send out a constant stream of press releases quickly from any Microsoft Windows or Mac computer system utilizing any web browser. Ponder how effective getting just a single release published out to 200 or more online news sites will be for your internet exposure, backlink growth and brand name visibility.

BuildingCreating A Flawlessly Written Press Release
Learning the various nuances of composing and creating an appropriately constructed news release may take a little time to fully understand. The PR and newswire industry has rather rigorous standards about how a PR has to be written and structured to achieve not simply curiosity by news sites and reporters, but also by your potential consumer also.
MacSEOTips LLC recommends making use of the DIY Instant PR Creator online app to properly prepare and compose your final release. It is plainly the fastest technique to make up an Associated Press – AP compliant file in just minutes. They provide you around a dozen and a half design templates to pick the kind of company announcements which are most usual such as promos, hiring new staff members, a web site launch or redesign, workshops or events, etc. Basically, it’s anything that your company can make newsworthy in a lively and immediate manner to assure the prospect that crucial things are taking place in your company.

Submitting Your News Release for Syndication
It is important to understand that there are numerous ways and degrees of press release publishing: One-Off and Full syndication. One might merely by hand post your PR release to any number of no-cost Public Relations sites where your singular press release will stay on their website for a year or possibly longer. However do note, complimentary press release sites will certainly NOT distribute it to multiple syndication partners to obtain you exposure on lots or hundreds of partner Press and News Channels unless one pays an extra fee. One could register for an account at paid news release sites, however it might cost you typically from $30 to $300 to get just one single release fully syndicated! That is far too pricey for many folks.

Establishing Your Press Release for Publishing Workflow
As soon as you’re equipped and set-up to fully take advantage of PR advertising distribution using Instant PR Pro to compose, and LivePR Submitter to broadly syndicate your PR press communications, we most strongly advise a frequent operation schedule. You, Ideally one ought to issue at least 1 press release after another, preferably twice weekly to grow your business. It is a remarkably efficient method to generate almost immediate internet site traffic and drive visitors to your business, get your latest headlines displayed high in search engine positions, and produce effective, high-quality back links pointing back to your website.

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NLP Automated Content Writer Tool – Articoolo

August 19, 2016 Leave a comment

write-commentThe tedium of  writing blog posts leaves me want a computer to carry out the grueling aspects of writing for me. I think I found a partner to obtain the words promptly and allow me to do what humans do fastest: Editing stuff.

Glad I stumbled on – an automated online blog post writing app that cranks out unique web content in 3 minutes or less. It lets me spend my time largely proofreading and not spend hours on writing paragraph after paragraph.

Simple How To Auto Generate An Instant Article

Articoolo’s web based article creator leverages AI – Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation formulas to create a write-up around 450-500 words in no more than a couple of minutes. You merely type in a thematic key word phrase, then Articoolo examines its online database for related information then puts together the article. In the 2nd level of processing; spellcheck, grammar and plagiarism analyses are performed to guarantee (usually) 100% distinct content. If it falls short, it will notify you that

Article Previews – Before You Opt To Buy

After being finished, your article is showcased in a blurred sneak peek with just a few of the sentences rendered plainly for visual review. Based on these fragments, one can get usually a reasonable sense of the essay’s quality and tone. If the sentences don’t read very well,  you can simply generate a fresh article based on either adjusted or the same terms and give it another shot. You might then end up with a preview that seems to be just what you’re after, so click ‘Buy’ and it’s all set to use.

Articles Far Cheaper Than Outsourcing

It doesn’t cost anything to have Articoolo’s web content generator to build an instant article. You can create as many as you desire; credits are deducted only if you choose to buy the content. The saved article is then shown fully as normal text and fully readable. You may then printed it, save the data to your computer system, or email it to a coworker, directly from within Articoolo’s user interface. You can purchase packages with a preset number of credits or choose an ongoing monthly membership. The most an article costs is $2, or as low as 50 cents with a regular monthly subscription.

Request Articles Using Any Internet Device

Being a cloud based SaaS program, anyone can access Articoolo’s writing abilities from any internet-connected laptop or desktop computer, or even a hand held tablet or smart phone. There’s even a plug-in available for WordPress so that webmaster’s can get and publish content easily right from inside their WordPress dashboard.

Articoolo’s Style Of Writing

Articoolo’s robotic written articles often tend to be somewhat general introductions of any given topic, not university dissertations. It’s style of writing is mostly geared to How-To’s, What-Is, and Learn-The-Basics sorts of content. And that’s alright: As you review the rough draft that Articoolo has produced, you will be editing in the process correcting the occasional peculiarities in the computer generated sentence structure and ideally incorporating additional content along with your thoughts and perspective. It typically only takes about three minutes for Articoolo to computer generate an article and it merely takes about three minutes to fine-tune the content so that it’s optimal for posting as a web page or a post.

Experience Automatic Article Creation Today

Intrigued by the convenient prospect of what Articoolo can do for your online digital online content creation needs?  Log into the Articoolo web site and test-drive generating and previewing a number of articles on your own. You will be amazed at how far Natural Language Processing – NLP for computer written content has evolved.

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Video Marketing : Mac-Style

January 18, 2016 Leave a comment

It’s never too late to begin using your Macintosh computer to pursue a video marketing strategy – even if you’re late to the game. I’ve had a YouTube channel for years that I didn’t start to leverage until recently.

Using a new SaaS cloud-based video creation app – VidioDek – and my Mac’s web browser, I’ve been trying my hand at quickly creating explainer videos with narration and background music.

It let me build them with just a few clicks from a few short paragraphs of text, but choosing the page templates, formatting the content correctly, recording my own voice narration (instead of using the text-to-speech robot voice), and publishing properly to YouTube was far more involved than the sales page implied it would be.

Above, a video MacSEOTips created on content writing and article distribution tools for OSX webmasters is the theme. Since Mac article marketing is a very low-competition niche, I expect this video should easily rank on Page 1 – and displace a competitor by occupying one of the slots in the top-10 SERP results.

Although more formal, personal, face to face videos are usually better for your business and building a community. These kind of vids are a quick and easy way to test and see if you CAN get the video to rank – and then decide if a more polished and personal video is warranted.

Mac SEO Outsourcing

Mac Internet MarketingThere are certainly many Apple compatible SEO tools and Macintosh friendly ways to market your website(s) on Mac OSX. Several notable Mac SEO software packages use Adobe’s AIR code that allows developers to write a program that runs on either Windows of Mac OSX identically. There are some Mac webmaster tools that run natively on OSX. And for many, many other types of web marketing tasks, SaaS (Software as a Service) allows an Apple website owner to use any Mac compatible web browser like Safari, FireFox or Chrome to run a web-based internet marketing or link-building app inside their browser.

There are however some SEO and link building programs which are strictly for Windows only. Particularly those which allow you to easily create website accounts, register and post to Web 2.0 properties, do Article or Press Release submission, submit social bookmarks, and more in an all-in-one program. There just isn’t one for OSX.

Lacking apps like this on a Mac, sometimes outsourcing link-building and SEO tasks makes more sense as being far more efficient than doing it yourself – and time-saving as well. Rank Crew offers a wide range of manual SEO link-building services at very affordable prices that can help with account creation, content submission and more at very affordable prices. Worth checking out.

For a deep-dive into link building and URL submission you can do on a Mac, visit and explore all the types of submitters you can manage directly yourself.